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Nuspay™ is a Deep Tech company , originally started its Journey in the USA, in the state of Delaware as the Fin Tech. It is a global Deep Tech company established with the aim of providing a new, unique and secure Digital Payment Service utilizing Big Data and Deep Learning on Blockchain and other Decentralized Platforms. After the initial years in the US, looking at the promising Global market scenario Nuspay™ relocated its main Global operating base to NY, USA for availing better market opportunity.

Nuspay offers multiple solutions utilizing Deep Tech among others the notable solution is Virtual Account to manage the transaction without revealing the real account information of the client's Bank Account. Nuspay Virtual Account was the World's First Virtual Account Payment System that was based on the Bank Account.

It enables customers’ sensitive payment information to remain safe and secure, by the generation of tokens to establish Secure tokenized payment solution.
Thus Nuspay as Payment Service Provider is able to ensure secure transactions anywhere by protecting sensitive data inside the network.

Nuspay was the first one in the world to patent its tokenization of payments of the Clients bank account with a Virtual account for every transaction. Nuspay also introduces Global Asset exchanging platform to revolutionize the proptech sector. It ensures the protection of customers’ primary details through the unique and randomly generated token numbers.

We believe that a Digtial payment solution should be tailored to address the current demand and need of the particular region and context. In the light of this, we have developed a versatile and secure Digital Payment Service Provider to minimize fraud and eliminate error in the payment industry. We wish to continue our efforts in improving secure and flexible transactions and enhance our solutions through innovation and integration of the latest technologies like big data analysis & artificial Intelligence.
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We spark change by bringing the right configuration of industry insights, leading technologies, top-notch solutions, digital transformation practices and most advanced software to unlock new opportunities in the field of Digital Payment Solutions & as the pioneer of First Virtual Account Payment system in the world.

Nuspay Virtual Account


Nuspay Virtual Account is a new, unique and secure tokenized payment solution. To make it is the best in class, we have created a unique tokenized payment method called Virtual Account payment which is agnostic to any form of channel and device.

Nuspay ECO MFI


Nuspay has launched a first of its kind community based project in the world, empowering the large MFI community in Bangladesh. Nuspay™ used its all encompassing Digital Payment services and the latest secure NFC payments solution

Nuspay XHYRE


Nuspay XHYRE is the next generation Global Asset Exchange platform based on blockchain to help accelerate the adoption of the Sharing Economy by opening up significant amounts of previously untapped private capacity and liquidation of asset.

Nuspay X-Border


Nuspay X-Border offers technology to evolve cross border transactions that facilitates switching between the various players in the payment network, allowing funds to be securely passed among customer, merchant & bank on secured network

Multi signature Wallet


Nuspay Wallet is a multisignature wallet allows users for requiring more than one key to authorize a transaction. It is generally used to divide up responsibility for possession of assets. The Wallet can be integrated with Exchanges and Marketplaces.

Nuspay smartcard


Nuspay Smart Card integrated with Java operating system that allows Java-based applets to be run securely is targeted at the convergence of e-government, banking, and transport applications for a contactless, highly convenient and integrative .


These are the guiding principle of Nuspay

(Digital Payment Service Provider)

which are exercised in every phases of development , business and perhaps beyond. Our Core values are usually expressed as our mission statement.

Building Trust

We believe in demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable, responsible business practices. Building trust and working with the highest level of transparency.

Drive Innovation

We collaborate with our clients to drive true innovation in the payment industry - enabling them to achieve a competitive advantage as Payment Service Provider.

Exercising Agility

We exercise agility - a capacity to stay flexible and respond rapidly to meet our needs. Our cross-trained workforce embraces the change.

Thinking Big

Being the world's leading commerce platform requires unrivalled vision, innovation and execution. We never settle — in everything we do.

Problem Solver

We strive for is to be problem solvers, Aiming to solve a problem from it's root level by creative thinking & innovative walkthrough.

Accelerate Growth

Different views and experiences are advantages. Our global presence give us perspectives that drive better business.

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Future Driven technology

The Solutions to fuel today, the people to navigate tomorrow

Unleasing Blockchain Technology to drive the growth in Proptech

The Next Disruption to change the world

Comprehensive AI governance to thrive the World

See How AI-driven analytics thrives the enterprises

Feeding the AI beast by Segmented Big Data

Fuelling the powerhouse to get the most filtered result

Building money without borders

Reinventing Cross Border Remittance with our Technology

The Future is Now with Deep Tech

Partnership for the Future for more automated AI Driven Actions

Radical Transformation of Real Estate- PropTech 3.0

Great transparency, Blockchain Transaction Mechanisms for Asset Exchange with Increased Liquidity.


Nuspay VA

Virtual Account

Nuspay is the pioneer of First Virtual Account payment solution. We have created an unique tokenized payment method called Virtual Account Payment which is agnostic to any form of channel and device.

Nuspay Blockchain


Nuspay is making Blockchain adoption fast, flexible and secure. Nuspay platform made transaction & exchange just a touch away and take it even many steps further. Nuspay™ leapfrogged to revolutionizing payment industry.

Nuspay Big Data

Big Data

Nuspay has been helping their clients put big data into efficient use by rendering big data implementation, improvement consulting services, user adoption strategy, evolution strategy as well as recommending on data quality management.

Nuspay AI

Artificial Intelligence

Nuspay specializes in the end-to-end development and operationalization of Artificial Intelligence(AI) for organizations that function on tremendous volumes of data and need efficient decision-making capabilities.

Evolving with the Future Industry Size

Financial technology has been the great disruptor in 2021. The growth rate of the industry is exponential. Also referred to as “fintech,” it’s a digital force that has changed the entire industry. Those who were reluctant to get on board are soon overshadowed by the competition. But Nuspay as Digital Payment Service Provider & as world first Virtual Account Payment System is embracing the changes to evolve the future market to gasp the generation gap.

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Accelerate growth from payments

Nuspay (First Virtual Account Payment System) offers a complete Digital payments solution for marketplaces and platforms. Customized payment flows. Better margins. Increased revenue. Discover what Yapstone’s platform can mean for your business.


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Nuspay Tokenized Payment

NUSPAY introduces Virtual Account Payment

NUSPAY International Inc - a new player in the global payment industry - is to introduce its innovative Virtual Account Solution for cashless, cardless and contactless transactions.

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Nuspay Virtual Acccount

Nuspay facilitates Payment through Virtual Account

Online transaction frauds and hacking risks may get minimized if the US based Nuspay International’s ‘virtual account’ payment solution takes it's wings in India subcontinent & Asia region.

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Nuspay FinTech

Nepal Bank to roll out NFC and tokenization

Financial institution Nepal Bank is set to launch an NFC mobile payment service, using a solution provided by Nuspay that also makes use of tokenization NFC ( Near Field Communcation) Technology.

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