Nuspay XHYRE : Real Estate Disruption by Hyperledger Fabric

Nuspay Global Asset Exchange Platform

XHYRE is one of the indispensable parts of the Nuspay™ ecosystem. Nuspay™ XHYRE provides the users with a global asset Exchange platform with the help of Blockchain technology, providing a sense of tranquility to the individuals who are involved in the real estate business and also for those who are eager to freshly partake in the trade, that is worth almost two hundred and seventeen trillion dollars. Nuspay™ PropTech opens the gate to a whole new world of asset and real estate investment.

Nuspay XHYRE is providing the technology to build thenext generation global Asset Exchange platform based on blockchain (Hyperledger) to help accelerate the adoption of the Sharing Economy by opening up significant amounts of previously untapped private capacity and liquidation of asset.

Transcending the Contemporary Mediums

Real Estate platforms that are currently being used are massively outdated. Their lack of transparency is evident in the distress of the individuals that are involved in this business. Blockchain technology could have a major effect on the real estate industry, from property purchasing to due diligence to title management. We identify the early adopters and potential impact. Built with the state of the art Hyperledger Fabric, there can be transparency in every step without compromising security for Asset ownership transfer by Proof of Ownership protocols. There are thousands of examples of scams that happen in the real estate world, as the current medium lacks the thoroughness of progressive data. Nuspay™ XHYRE with the help of blockchain can help put a stop to this.

As datas are stored in predating blocks, one cannot easily tamper with the containing datas in the block. If one even attempts to meddle with a block he/she will have to deal with all the preexisting blocks in the network, which are always being checked for accuracy in every second. So we can exclaim with due zeal that Nuspay™ XHYRE is tamper-proof.

Local and generic offline mediums are stipulated with a lot of headache inducing paperworks. Even after dealing with the inconveniences of the paperworks, there is also the chase of these being in unsecure places. So there are plenty of chances for it to be misplaced in the long term. With the help of blockchain Nuspay™ XHYRE can ensure the safety of these documents. Not only does it securely stores it in the blockchain platform, it also provides the user with the least amount of difficulties while Exchange assets and equities. The sign up process is as fast as it gets, saving the user’s valuable time. Users can enlist assets and equities in a matter of minutes. The enlisted assets can also be acquired using Nuspay’s easy payment gateways without worrying about the authenticity of the assets.

The middlemen often raise the price of a particular asset/real estate, as he/she wants to gain a profit between the buyer and the seller. Nuspay™ XHYRE eradicates this problem, as it requires no price premiums from the registered users for buying or selling a particular asset. The buyer can directly buy the assets using the platform without any hassle or price premiums.

There are often times when it is hard to to sell colossal assets.Nuspay™ XHYRE offers its users to basically split it up into smaller equities and sell it to multiple buyers. This provides the user to sell colossal assets and also help the buyers with limited capital to acquire vital assets and earn revenue from it.

Fortifying Future Property Trade

At Nuspay™ PropTech, we are empowering asset owners/Proprietors with a global asset Exchange platform, in which they can digitize their real estates with blockchain technology, which can later be easily liquified. . A lot of people who could acquire property due to insufficient funds can finally acquire assets at the fraction of the cost due to split equities of specific assets. This will create an opportunity for a lot more investors, thus creating an opportunity for an alternative capital market.

Relative trust and transparency will improve in the long run, as only verified assets will be enlisted and will be permitted to be sold to the broad spectrum. The blockchain protocols of Nuspay™ PropTech will ensure the authenticity of the enlisted objects, thus creating an opportunity for a seamless trade.

Lastly, transactions through the Nuspay™ ecosystem will eradicate the middleman and provide the opportunity for all the involved parties to have a financially rewarding outcome.

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