Nuspay Smart Card- Revolutionary Landscape in Secured Payment

Nuspay Smart Card Solution

One of the many wonders of Nuspay™ is the Smart Card. It is a proprietary smart card payment solution. It is integrated with the massively popular Java operating system, enabling java based applets to work securely as a contactless payment system for individuals and agencies. This java protocol also seamlessly works with the blockchain protocol of the Nuspay ecosystem. The smart card provides ease of access to the users in a number of locations.

For Your Ease and Conveniences

Nuspay smart card is embedded with the state of the art microprocessor, memory and data compressor, containing all the private keys of the user. All of these builtin parts also offload the processing that is often required by the external equipment. There are a number of benefits for having all of these embedded in the card. As a powerful microprocessor is already inside the card, this will instantaneously process the transaction without being offloaded to the external machines, with the touch of the sensor. This will also lead to smaller machines to process the transaction as very little additional processing is required for the transaction. This will save a lot of valuable physical space. This will not only help the vendor to save valuable space because all of the embedded instruments. It will also help in faster transactions.

The smart card is backwards compatible, as a result the machines that support the bank issued cards will also support Nuspay™ smart cards. Real-time integration is already taking place in multiple places such as retail outlets, wholesale outlets & restaurants.

Nuspay™ smart cards will provide a lot more security over the generic cards. There are instances when data breaches happen while using the generic bank issued cards. User data is recorded and sculpted by shady institutions. No one wants their steps and buying habits to be traced without their permission. Nuspay™ smart cards provide extra security on that front, as each transaction will be encrypted by the private keys generated by the blockchain protocols and thus eventually be tamperproof. If incase the card gets lost, the user can also very easily lock the card transaction with minimal points and clicks. This eradicates the process of going through the hassle of calling the help center to stop the transactions.

Nuspay Smartcard solution is a unique solution for the first time which is an innovative way to deal with family expenses management with control plus agility. This is primarily intended for family expenses to monitor digitally with parental or master control for the family members of parent-account holders, like their children, siblings, and spouse. Parents may be unwilling to give cash to their kids to avoid unnecessary risks. To address this issue, we have incorporated the FamilyPay solution along with the NFC Payment Tag wearable products to enable parents or main-account holders to have control over the spending of their family. Nuspay’s Family Pay ensures that if you have Nuspay™, you are never out of money when in need.

Nuspay NFC Payment Tags, Tap & Pay Cards, and NFC enabled smartphones have been deployed in some of the transportation projects where by putting in slave devices with programmeable NFC chip cards and smart phones it is managing an intelligent passenger vehicle management for ticketing as also vehicle movements complete with the integrated GPS module.

In the same way an added feature of the transportation module includes roadways, tolls and parking services also. These are normally small value services, dealing in small changes, where Nuspay’s Instapay Recharge and Payment solutions is eliminating long queues on a busy day while ensuring proper real time collection and settlement.

The Future of Smart Card Industry

With features like backwards compatibility Nuspay smart card’s platform will be scalable. It will usher the wave of new IoT devices . The smart card payment solution as a result can be integrated with multiple devices. It can be integrated with mobile phones, smartwatches, tvs, air conditioners, refrigerators and so on. It might seem inconceivable but the technology is already there. For example, major electronic manufacturers are now producing smart refrigerators with IoT protocols, which itself has unique identifiers that are transmitting data in a specified network. These refrigerators are capable of identifying the things that are currently present inside the fridge and notify the user if a certain sustenance that the user regularly consumes will run out very soon and can even order the product if the user allows. Nevertheless, the user would have to put the payment details every time. These can lead to major data breaches and compromise the privacy of the user. By working with the major manufacturers, Nuspay™ is trying to integrate its ecosystem in all these IoT devices. So for example, if the the contrivances that are present in the Nuspay™ Smart Card can be integrated in to the IoT devices like the refrigerator, the user can very easily commit to a purchase decision, just by touching the refrigerator with his/her smartwatch (which also has integrated smart card contrivances). The possibilities are limitless with Nuspay™ Smart Card. Seamless integration with all the future devices, Nuspay™ Smart Card will be in the palms of millions of users.

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