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In a general sense data is information that is converted into electrical signals for processing efficient mode of computation. The use of data in both singular or plural topics are appropriate. Raw data is a concept used in the simplest digital medium to describe data. Big Data is data as well, except it's very broad. Big Data is really a concept used to characterize a large array of data, but rapidly increasing over time. In brief, those details are so extensive and complicated that none of the conventional data processing systems can recover or effectively handle it. Big data is a concept that represents the massive amounts of data that overwhelm an organization on a regular basis. It does not matter about the volume of information, but what businesses do with the data is significant. The use of Big Data analysis in payment application is immense. Nuspay™ uses big data to mine for information, which leads to improved decisions and strategic market transactions.Nuspay™ points Big Data towards the complicated and large-scale data collections that may be collected and analyzed in order to identify useful information for corporations and industries.

Nuspay’s Criterion of Big Data Technology

There are mainly three types of Big Data segments that are used by Nuspay™, which are structured, semi-structured and lastly non-structured. Structured Data in Nuspay™ are referred to the data which are accessible in fixed format, can be stored, interpreted and analyzed as is. Through the passage of time, our genius programmers have experienced more success in designing methods to work with and extract meaning from data of this type (in which the layout is already known in advance). But in this modern era, we are facing challenges as the scale of such data expands exponentially and the standard measurements of several zettabytes are common. Generic Unstructured Data are those data which are unidentified and contains no form. Moreover, along with the tremendous size of the data, unstructured data raises several difficulties as it is hard to derive meaningful information out of it. Finally, semi structured data is the combination of both arrangements of data. It is mainly not specified but structured and Nuspay™ often uses it for backwards compatibility to extract vital information.

Uncompromised Big Data Analysis in Proptech

Big Data technology which is used by Nuspay™ now offers a degree of realistic knowledge, which was unimaginable a decade earlier on user behaviors, likes and dislikes, practices and self-interests. The big data pool contains potentially informative knowledge, social media accounts and online pages, social interaction, product analysis, marked preferences, shared content, loyalty and rewards applications, Asset Valuation in proptech, Predicitve Analysis and services, and the CRM systems. That is why we can all see big data analysis in proptech too. The capacity of AI to operate very well with data science is the key reason as of why AI and Big Data technologies now appear to be indistinguishable. AI deep learning and machine learning benefit from all sources and use them to create new laws for future analyses of the market. Even so, issues occur where bad data are used. Big Data is here most definitely to continue at the moment, and AI will be in high demand in the near future because Big Data will not leave soon. Data and Artificial Intelligence converge into a unique and powerful partnership where AI without data is worthless, and without AI data is unmanageable. AI with Big Data becomes a gradual and permanent process. And the process is simple because at first information or data is compiled into the AI engine to make the AI more intelligent. Then less people ought to interfere for the AI to operate effectively. And eventually, the fewer individuals need to work, the closer civilization is to realize its full potential. For AI to be effective and mature it needs a large amount of data to learn and process and this is where Big Data technologies comes in handy. As a result, Nuspay™ is the first in the payment industry to realize the potential of it and went ahead to use the technology for the betterment of the company.

Sophisticated Demographic Segmentation by Big Data Analysis

Nuspay’s Big Data technology can be used for finding various patterns among the people all around the world. As we have come to know, Big Data is the collection of huge amounts of data which contains the habits, likes and dislikes etc. of people all around the world. As a result, it is possible to find a pattern in the buying habits of people according to place, habit, age, behavior etc. As a result, the usage of big data in Nuspay™ is vast as it can identify mass problems and provide adequate solutions. But the only problem is the amount of data is very huge and to make use of it, proper implementation of machine learning technology should be used. The tools used to uncover patterns include the capability of finding patterns in the chaotic and incomplete data – which basically renders them probabilistic – and of detecting patterns of high order dependent on the interconnection of data. Classical methods use statistically important features to detect the presence of these attributes based on frequency estimation. The connection in between observed features must also be provided to make the uncovered pattern understandable to human comprehension. The designer of the algorithm resides at the crossroads between statistics, machine learning and data detection. Once the pattern is found through the analysis of the data it can be used in various aspects of our lives like shopping.

Scalable Big Data Analysis in Payment Application

Nuspay’s Big Data analysis in payment applications can be used to escalate sales by finding patterns and pricing accordingly. The way we used to comprehend data has changed after big data. Now we use big data analysis in order to detect broad scale patterns instead of mining small chunks of information. Big data is transforming the ways to determine how sales networks evaluate, control and distribute pricing to make the most value. We have the potential to set the optimum selling price for their goods and facilities using Big Data algorithms and machine learning strategies. Big data has managed to optimize seasonal price decisions in commodity sectors with fewer elastically generated goods. And thus these result can be conveyed with virtual account payment system

Our Data is involved in every technology from fintech to even big data analysis in payment application. The potential is massive. Financial institutions in tandem with technical advances have totally changed their way of working, although first things come to mind are online transfers, purchases, mobile banking, and applications when hearing the words 'technology' and 'banking’ together. In fact, it is well beyond that. The development is focused on the volume of data that our smart devices create. Since rising numbers of people turn digital banking, data is growing and it is now named Big Data. Big data in fintech is vital as customers are better attracted and retained when providing tailored services. Nuspay™ is by far the most powerful platform to deliver innovative and customized applications in conjunction with reliable Big Data Research. The growing market is generating much innovation and even conventional banks are now using FinTech channels to draw the most modern clients to their services. Moreover, the aim of FinTech is to potentially save money for their clients, which inevitably raises competition and demand for such solutions.

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